Hi new here!!!
Hello everybody my name was "nothing" because my birth home was one of the worst places on the world! I came from a puppy mill here in Maryland, United States! There was about 300+ of my family that I lived with and grew up with! But it wasnt the best. We had to fight for food! We lived in horrid horrid conditions! We lived in a total of 3 different areas on the property! Those owners were nothing then the dirt they walked on! 

One day about 2 year's  ago I was rescued and so was my 300+ family members! The county came and got us! It was a long 48hrs i believe is what it took to get us all.  We were split up and went to different shelters around the area! I went to wicomico humane society; I recieved the name Tripp; and that's where I met ppl! I never knew ppl before! Or even grass! Even dirt!  

And then came the day April 22, 2016! That's the day my mommie saved me; and she named me Rocky Tripp Gann! She picked me; nobody else wanted me because I was scared of them I was skittish but where I came from ppl weren't exactly nice to me! My mommie changed that! A long with my gammy and my poppy! I even gained to big uncle's that protect me also! And about two weeks later my gammy she went and rescued one of my family members her name is Bella Fancy Gann and she's my auntie! I came from slop but now I live like a king!  And this is my story!