Pets coin
Pets coin is a token made on the waves blockchain platform.We want to be a peer to peer and a peer to merchant currency that’s a collateral-backed cryptocurrency whose value is stable relative to the US dollar, why cause of up and down volatility of crypto currency, we want have your back as an insurance company for payments to veterinarians for all your pets treatments and medications thus cutting the price for you but paying in full for your pets treatments and medication.As a new company we are establishing connections with veterinarians in the United States and a partially around the world to accept our token as payment for services by doing so we will become a better payment method for you and your veterinarian that will ultimately cost you Less but fully compensating your veterinarian.Our token is lightning fast for sending peer-to-peer, and consumer to Merchant also you don't have to worry about high fees sending and receiving our token cause we plan to have a 0.000000002 fee or if not free.Were also looking for our token to be mineable either through proof of stake or proof of work concept depending on what's more profitable for minors because they are a big part of our Network.There are 70,000,000 coins in place and trading at 17.61 u and some will be burned thus taking the coin to a new level in trading we will be Air Dropping 1,000,000 coins so you as early Patron can get involved with the airdrop and retain coins in your account for later uses or trade on waves blockchain platform just follow on Twitter @coin_pets leave pets coin address and you will be dropped coins need an address go to thanks hope to see you trading and happy pet loving everyday don't forget to follow and leave address for getting coins airdropped to Twitter @coin_pets