#Safe! The Pets of All Pet Brigade are safe from last night's twisted, twister exploits. Couple of smaller ones touched down briefly around us but #alpha was heroic! He protected us all, even those of us not at his home; EVEN those who were already adopted he was confirming their #safetyfirst! He sure is something to care so much about his furry kids as much as his flesh n blood. Thank you to those who checked in on us. It was really scary for many of us!

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Checked in at Oak Grove Oak Grove, MO


Avery Car / 2 months ago
Is everyone ok
Pets Of All Pet Brigade / 2 months ago
So far so good ?
Who you looking at?! Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Patches. The rest of ya, well... I got nothing for you or those other pets of #apb. I'm tough as nails & spit fire...FIRE! Maybe not actual fire but you get the gist. I do love some attention though & since coming to this place, this #alpha has treated me real good & I like to show that back in return. See! I AM a good cat after all. Now scram!

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Checked in at Oak Grove Oak Grove, MO