Dachshund, Chihuahua
#Safe! The Pets of All Pet Brigade are safe from last night's twisted, twister exploits. Couple of smaller ones touched down briefly around us but #alpha was heroic! He protected us all, even those of us not at his home; EVEN those who were already adopted he was confirming their #safetyfirst! He sure is something to care so much about his furry kids as much as his flesh n blood. Thank you to those who checked in on us. It was really scary for many of us!

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Checked in at Oak Grove Oak Grove, MO


Avery Car / 5 months ago
Is everyone ok
Pets Of All Pet Brigade / 5 months ago
So far so good ?

Hey All,

It's our sister, Pebbles, with new name Layla & momma! We are excited to see her here on #followmypets. Now we just need to let new mom & dad let us have our own account, we'd be even cooler...since she got #adopted first anyways.

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For the record she was suppose to be my son dog... Needless to say Layla is my dog and we both know it...??


Hey everyone, guess what?! We got #adopted together!!! How cool is that?! Foster mom asked #alpha to try 'n find a home for us together... And that's exactly what he did! What a good guy...even for a silly hoo-man!

Wish us the best! We got a fenced-in backyard, plenty of attention, and lots of love from our new family... And new names too! Be sure to look after the other rescue pets of APB... We all need homes! Off we go to play at the park with new dad & hoo-man sister! What fun!!

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Checked in at Knob Noster Knob Noster, MO


Wanna play?! It's puppy POWER! We are Bam Bam & Dino... Brothers from the same mutha! When we aren't aggravating our foster mom with our endless play, we like to sleep, then play some more! We want to find our home together though. Can you help a daschound out? You will?! Great!!!

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