Today is National #ElephantAppreciationDay. #Elephants are certainly worthy of some appreciation from all of us. They are, after all, the largest land mammals in the world and sadly, many species of elephants face the threat of extinction, due to environmental factors and the ivory trade. Pending extinction of African elephants is a global crisis that needs to be solved today.


It's International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ahoy, Matie! AAARRRRGGG! What good pirate doesn't have a parrot on his shoulder??

Photo by Logan Kirschner from Pexels


Learned something new yesterday - Black walnuts are TOXIC to dogs and horses and Black walnut trees are found in North America.

Can Black Walnuts Poison Animals?

Black walnut trees (Juglans nigra) are native the United States and are found in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. The tree is not considered toxic to humans, and generally will not harm anyone who is not allergic to tree nuts or walnuts specifically. The plant is toxic to some animals ...


FMP Family! Please let us know if there are fundraisers in your area for local shelters and pet facilities. We'll be happy to help publicize them!!


This story was written 2 years ago, however, needs to be remembered today.

The Legacy of 9/11 Dogs 15 Years Later – American Kennel Club

On first glance, this picture, from 2012, is one of unbearable sweetness, a true Awww moment. Two Golden Retrievers are standing together, one with a gray


It's Iguana Awareness Day! Here's to all our reptile loving friends!

Iguana Care - Caring for Pet Iguanas, Ideas and Tips | VetBabble

Friendly iguanas don’t happen by chance and the need a lot of care. Here are some tips to make sure your Iguana is the friendliest and happiest it can be.


It's National Read a Book Day. What better than to read about how to take care of your pet??
How about:

"Total Cat Mojo" by Jackson Galaxy
"Decoding Your Dog" by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists
"Hamster Care" by Kate H. Pellham

Or maybe take the time to actually read the book(s) you already have!?!?!

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It's National Wildlife Day! While we take care of our domesticated friends, it takes all creatures, great and small, to make the world go round!


FMP Family!! We've got GREAT news about our apps. You can now EDIT your photos before you post them. No more sidesways sidekicks!! Thanks for your patience. We're working every day to make the site better. Let your friends know!

Happy Labor Day!


It's National Bow Tie Day. Of course, bow ties are not just for people!!
Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels


The FollowMyPets family is full of amazing talents. Lilly here can joust! Find out what everyone is doing. Be sure to search through the pet listing and "follow" lots of them so you'll see what's going on! We know that a lot of you have private profiles so watch for emails notifying you of "requests to follow" so we can all share the fun!

Lilly here! I jousted guys!


So today is National Senior Citizens Day. Pets are just as important to them as they are to us, maybe more! We know this is from May, officially National Pet Month, but it's some great information.

Amazing Benefits Pets Bring to Seniors

In honor of National Pet Month, A Place for Mom is bringing up one of our favorite topics: the benefits pets bring to seniors. Learn more.


It's National Relaxation Day. We know our pets help us relax!!!

5 Amazing Ways Pets Reduce Stress in Humans | Good Relaxation

Here are 5 amazing ways pets reduce stress in humans and how pets have a calming influence on your life.


Phil Barthel / 1 month ago
Let us not forget the peace of mind our pets need to please us and give us calm. I started using CBD for my dog during the last thunderstorm. Finally no more shaking and crying. What a relief.
Follow My Pets / 1 month ago
Do you have a plan for your pets if there's an emergency or disaster at your home? Here's a great article from Consumer Reports on putting together a plan.

How to Make a Disaster Plan for Your Pets

Do you have a disaster plan for your pet in the event of an emergency? Consumer Reports offers tips for getting your pets ready to evacuate before a storm.


While we're lucky enough to share our homes with our pets, we need to remember our wild friends, as well. The National Wildlife Federation is having a "Christmas in July" sale today and tomorrow. They have some neat things and it's supporting their efforts, win-win!