We know a lot of people in the Northeast need these dogs right now!!! Keep the dogs and cats and any other animals that are outside WARM!!!

10 Dog Breeds Built For Snow | SAMOYED

Meet 10 dog breeds that thrive in some of the harshest, snow-covered terrains in the world.


It's National Dress Up Your Pet Day!! This can be lots of fun but make sure everything fits correctly, doesn't restrict their movement and doesn't have loose ends that can be chewed. Most importantly, if your pet doesn't enjoy being dressed up, pass on this holiday! #DressUpYourPetDay

Photo by mark glancy from Pexels

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

A day to celebrate our pets with fun fashion and promote pet adoption.


Today is Save the Eagles Day. There are more than 70 species of eagles throughout the world. The only exception is Hawaii, where no species of eagles reside. Poaching, pesticides and other dangers continue to threaten eagle populations.

Some species of eagles are on the endangered list due to poaching and pesticides. However, due to the work of scientists and the public, the Bald Eagle was removed from this list in June 2007. #SavetheEaglesDay

Photo by Wayne Christensen


So yesterday was National Cuddle Up Day. Here's a place to cuddle with puppies on vacation. What's not to love?!?!?!

Animal Connections Puppies & Silkies | Sunrise Springs Spa | Santa Fe, New Mexico | Sunrise Springs Spa Resort

Animals have a long history of assisting humans in rehabilitation and treatment. They can teach us about communication, teamwork, and leadership, and increase self-awareness and self-esteem.


193rd breed recognized by the American Kennel Club!!! Create a profile for yours on FollowMyPets.

No longer a breed apart: American Kennel Club recognizes Azawakh

The American Kennel Club has added the Azawakh, a long-legged and smooth-coated dog often confused for a greyound or a Whippet, as its 193rd recognized breed.


Happy New Year, FMP Family! Here's to a great 2019 full of puppy petting, kitty kissing, fish feeding, hamster holding, reptile rollicking, horse haltering, parrot preening and every other pet related activity that floats your boat!!!


December 13 is National Day of the Horse. Join us in celebrating these majestic animals who have provided such amazing assistance, love and loyalty to people around the world.

American Horse Council Celebrates National Day of the Horse

The AHC is pleased to continue to recognize December 13 as National Day of the Horse, and has released an informational video about the AHC.


Looks like you don't have to ban poinsettias from your home this holiday season. Even if Fido or Mittens gets into them, they're not deadly, just "sickly". See what the Pet Poison Helpline says below.

Poinsettias and Cats, Dogs - Poinsettias Poisonous to Cats

Poinsettias are only mildly toxic to cats and dogs. Medical treatment is rarely necessary, but if you think your pet has been poisoned, call your vet or 800-213-6680.

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Maggie Shustack / 1 month ago
It is nice to know this. I was under the impression that the Poinsettia was deadly. That is why I haven’t bought one for many, many years.
But I still don’t want to have one cuz I would feel terrible if my Dog became ill from one.
Many of us are pulling out the Christmas decorations which can be very joyous and festive, however, if you have pets in the house, make sure the decorations don't become a danger to your beloved companions.

Top Ten Holiday Decorations to Avoid | petMD

Twinkling lights, sparkly tinsel, brightly colored garland, and delicate ornaments – what’s not to love about holiday decorations? The dangers they can pose for your beloved pet, that’s what. While avoid may be too strong of a word, as we’re not suggesting you do away with all of these decorations completely, this holiday season please be mindful of the sorts of decorations you use and their placement.


It's NATIONAL DAY OF GIVING!! Who can look into these beautiful eyes and not donate to your local animal shelter?? Make the call, make a donation and make an animal's life a little better. (You'll feel really good, too!)

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Have you recovered from Black Friday?

Photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels


Happy Thanksgiving FMP family!!! May you have exactly what you want to eat today!


With Thanksgiving 2 days away, the holiday season is getting into full swing with family gatherings, holiday parties and lots of other stuff our pets don't encounter during the rest of the year. Here's some great info on helping them cope with the strange creatures humans morph into this time of year!!!

Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Party with Pets | Shallowford Animal Hospital

The holidays are a wonderful time to gather with friends and family and celebrate the year that’s passed. They’re a time for joy, a time for giving, and sadly, often a time for stress. As anyone who’s ever hosted a holiday party knows, sometimes the spirit of the season induces hassle instead of happiness. All …


Always great news to hear a shelter dog is adopted and even better when someone famous does it so more people find out it's possible!!

Joe Biden Adopts an Awesome Dog and They Are Such a Perfect Match!

The former Vice President is now the proud pet parent to a super cool German Shepherd named Major!


Winter is hitting parts of the country big time! Wild birds may not be "pets" as we think of them, however, they bring lots of pleasure as we sit in our warm homes watching them out the window. Plus they're a lot more visible now that the trees have lost their leaves. Here are some tips on what to feed to get the biggest crowd. Did you know birds need fruit??

Top 10 Foods for Winter Bird Feeding » Bird Watcher's Digest

Help birds this winter by offering them peanuts, cracked corn, black-oil sunflower seed, mealworms and more. We've got a list of the 10 best foods for winter bird feeding, as well as special tips and insights for certain bird species.