Miley-what a hand full she is turning out to be,she will be 7 months old on my Birthday April 20th.
Potty training,she had that a week after we got her.She now let's us pick her up,thankfully. But for the barking,anyone got any ideals?Later


Pam Feicht / 4 months ago
We have a 9 mo old barker. Don't have a solution but we feel your pain. Will let you know if we find something that works.
Barbara J Cooper-Ward / 4 months ago
Please do,we tried the dog whilse and gentle touch,nothing helps
Now 5 months,been hard training her to not bark,won't let us pick her up,we have to chase her till we catch her,She can jump on n off the couch and my chair.


Pam Feicht / 5 months ago
Bleu is 8 months old and giving us some challenges. He's a real barker, too. Kind of nice to hear we're not the only ones.
Barbara J Cooper-Ward / 3 months ago
Miley is getting a little better about letting us pick her up,also now the fun time is trying to get her to walk with a harness and a leash,she pulls my husband so fast or goes around in circles
Barbara J Cooper-Ward / 3 months ago
Barking is still horrible.