Tips for traveling with pets

Wahoo…Vacation time is here and it’s time to take some well-deserved time with friends and family, including our beloved pets. Do you hear the call of the open road? I often do and I always bring my best friend Lucy, my senior rottweiler. The Vitality Science Pet Health Crew has taken our animals all over the country and back again.

Here are 12 essential road trip tips for traveling with your pet, to insure all of you will have a happy, safe, and healthy vacation.

  1. Trial run: Take shorter trips to see how your pet responds in the car. Do they get nervous? Do they get car sick? Cats commonly get car sick, they may become very quiet, drool, vomit or sometimes even pass out.
  2. Buckle up: According to AAA over 30,000 accidents a year are caused by an unrestrained animal in the front seat. You can ensure a safe trip for you and your pet with a pet barrier, pet seat belt, travel crate or a pet car seat.
  3. Keep heads inside the vehicle: Although they enjoy it, according to the ASPCA, long exposure to wind could cause ear damage or lung infections.
  4. Don’t leave them in the car: This is so important and can save your animal’s life. Even if you crack the window, the temperature inside the car on an 85 degree day can reach 110 degrees in 10 minutes. If you are going to a place where animals are not allowed, leave them back at the hotel or tie them up outside in the shade with some water.
  5. Food and water: Make sure to offer water many times throughout a trip. When it comes to feeding, it is important to keep them on a normal routine. Make sure their normal food is available when you stop and that you have enough for the round trip or that you’ve located places that sell it along the way. Road trips aren’t the time to pick up something cheap just until you get home, unless you want to deal with the digestive aftermath.
  6. Bring tummy settlers: There are some things, like canned pumpkin and yogurt, that can help settle upset tummies. They’ll pacify a sick pup for a bit and also tone down dog gas which is very important business when you’re in a confined area.
  7. Bring something familiar: Don’t forget to bring something familiar. Their favorite toy or blanket will make them feel safe and comforted.
  8. Keep them busy: A good quality chew toy will activate your dog’s brain and keep them busy for many hours. A piece of cardboard makes for a good on-the-go scratching post for your cat. It will not only keep your cat entertained, but may save your car and hotel furniture from scratches.
  9. Take a break: The American Veterinary Medical Association advises pet owners to stop every 2-3 hours for your pet to use the bathroom and get some exercise. Never allow your pet to leave the car without a collar, leash and ID tags, even for cats. For a cat’s bathroom break, bring a travel kitty litter box with plenty of litter.
  10. Planned your stops: Most pets, and people for that matter, will start to get restless after about 8 hours of driving.  So, make plans to stop every 8 hrs for some much needed rest and relaxation. To plan your pet friendly trip click here.
  11. Pet Friendly Hotels: Many hotels are pet friendly, but it’s always best to plan ahead. Often you will have to pay an extra fee of around $25. To find a pet friendly hotel for your trip go to
  12. Pet First Aid Kit: It always good to plan for the worst and hope for the best. This is what we recommend as a safe travel pet kit. Gauze, bandages, and tweezers. Pet Shield,colloidal silver gel for cuts and rashes. Vitality Science Pet Flora for stomach upset. Luxolite in case of anything being accidentally ingested that may be toxic.

Travel is fun, but takes a pet out of their regular routine and environment. There is nothing worse than having a sick animal on the road, so keep them happy and healthy by preparing and packing for them as much as you would yourself. And, enjoy the open road.

Summary of Vitality Science Product Recommendations for Road Trips.

  • Soothing Solution – Give as often as needed during and before trips for nervous behavior and hyperactivity.
  • Pet Flora – Our soil based probiotic does not need to be refrigerated, so is handy to have  for upset stomachs, gas, and to maintain a healthy gut.
  • Luxolite – Bentonite clay for stomach upset, and to detox from an accidental ingestion.