If you're at the point where you see your pets as nothing less than true members of the family, there's no shame in admitting that it's fun to spoil them in clever, creative ways.  We at Follow My Pets think they've earned the right to a profile all their own on a respectable social media website just for pets.  After all, who's to say that pets don't experience the same reaffirming ego boost that we do when our pictures and videos go viral?  For all we know, they could have mastered our languages long ago and know exactly how to read a view-count.  We're just saying…

Fortunately, we make it easy to give them the celebrity status they're so deserving of!  Here are just a few ways in which Follow My Pets makes it easy to make your pet "social media" famous.

Create a Custom Social Media Profile for Your Pet

Inspired by exceedingly popular social media sites which shall remain nameless, Follow My Pets allows you to create a detailed and fully-customized social media profile for your pet, or pets.  Upload your pets' pictures, post silly animal videos, or enter background details about their age, breed and background story.

Upload Your Pet Pics and Videos

We've made it super easy to upload and share your silliest, cutest and most hilarious pet videos!  This is a great way to meet other members of the Follow My Pets community, while increasing the chance of having your pet's video go viral.  Be sure to keep posted for future contests on cutest animal pic, best video and more!

Make New Pet-loving Friends

The Follow My Pets community is made up entirely of people who love, cherish and remain fascinated by their animal equals.  Joining is a great way to meet others who share your passion for pets, animal rights and specific breeds.  You can browse members in your local area to connect instantly with other local animal lovers.

Join Follow My Pets Today and Make Your Pet s Star!

Setting up your pet's social media profile on Follow My Pets is fun, free and takes under a few minutes to get stated.  You can get started creating your pet's profile right now by visiting the new member page on our website, or contact us for additional information on joining the Follow My Pets online community.