March 22 is National Puppy Day.  This brings to mind images of roly-poly fur balls licking little kids’ faces and little eyes melting your heart.  Puppies are all this and more.  We got Bleu as a 7-week old giant Schnauzer pup in August, 2018.  The last time I had a puppy was 1990 and she went with the ex-husband in the divorce 2 years later.  We tried but just couldn’t stay together for the sake of the dog!  There’s been lots of living in between, hopefully some wisdom gained, and a settled life finally established.  So, 8 years into this new settled/married life, my husband and I decided we were ready for a dog.  As we waited in line to board the emotional rollercoaster of being pet parents we thought we met the height, age and weight requirements.  We decided to get a giant Schnauzer because my husband had already owned a miniature and standard Schnauzer, so wasn’t that the next logical step?  We found a breeder and got on the waiting list.  I read books on puppy raising written by monks, soldiers and whisperers, knew that crate training was the way to go and we were ready to integrate this little guy into our life as we drove into the sunset.

Of course, not everything is rosy and we have to have the patience of Job.  Bleu is one of the minority of pups who HATE the crate, will NOT get in the car and is afraid of strangers/other dogs which translates into loud barking.  We have employed dog sitters, found an amazing boarding kennel that Bleu loves and occasionally utilize doggie downers to be able to go out of the house together.  We’re also working with an animal behaviorist on his fears.  Today we met her at a pet store and had Bleu walk around, on the leash of course, and sit as people went by.  The store was not crowded and he only barked once.  He very nicely accepted a treat from one of the employees. 

In spite of all this, we couldn’t love Bleu more.  He’s now an 8-month old, 70-pound PUPPY whose eyes melt our hearts no matter how ornery he is.  Perhaps his “sensitivities” make us love him more, if that’s possible. All we really want is for this amazing creature to be safe and happy in our home and in the world.  My husband, Bleu and I are in this together.

The adventure continues….

Pam Feicht is Bleu’s mom.  Her husband came up with the idea of and together they are working on creating a social media platform for all pet lovers.