5 Quick Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe at Easter

The Easter holiday is coming up fast and we know that often means Easter baskets packed with candy and chocolate, decorated hard boiled eggs and spring flowers.  We don’t want to see any of this marred by a pet getting sick. We checked with petpoisonhelpline.com and petswelcome.com and here are some things to be aware of:

  1. Easter Lilies are HIGHLY TOXIC to cats.

  2. Chocolate is not good for dogs, the darker the chocolate, the more harmful.

  3. If animals eat the plastic Easter grass, it cannot be digested and can cause severe damage to internal organs.

  4. The sugar substitute Xylitol is toxic to cats and dogs. this is often found in sweeteners, sugar-free candy, and some peanut butters. 

  5. Ham is high in sodium.  Too much salt can cause neurological damage in dogs.

Keep your pets safe this Easter by keeping these tips in mind.  also, try to remember that any holiday entailing large gatherings can be stressful on pets.  Make sure they have a safe place and your guests don’t “sneak” them too many treats.

Have a great holiday!!!