Friends of mine just got a mini Goldendoodle pup.  To be fair, their Day 1 post started out “Your social media feed is NOT ready for this level of sweetness.”  And they’re right, though not just my social media feed but my whole being is not handling it well.  On Day 2 we learned the pup “slept through the whole first night in her new home with no accidents.”  Oh PLEASE!!

It’s now Day 3 and we’ve learned “she’s so good on a leash and in a crate.”  I am drowning in social media envy.  Our boy Bleu, now 10 months old, was first introduced to you in our FollowMyPets blog for “National Puppy Day”.  Feel free to check it out here, however, suffice it to say our first 3 days were not that bucolic.  Bleu is a huge over-achiever in the sweetness category and he’s got cuteness all sewn up, but we’ve graduated to the Gentle Leader nose harness to curb his pulling on the leash and we still can’t find anything that will tempt him to get into the car on his own.  And, of course, his first night at our home was not peaceful and quiet, though he was okay by night three.

I don’t mean to be vindictive, but I’m wondering about my friends’ new pup’s depth of emotion.  I mean, if the first night away from her blood mother and siblings was no big deal, just how deeply will she bond with my friends?  What if part of her is always on the lookout for a better deal?

Okay, I’m just saying this to assuage my envy. BUT, I know that my husband, Bleu and I are a pack that will always have one another’s back!

The adventure continues...

Pam Feicht is Bleu’s mom.  Her husband came up with the idea of and together they are working on creating a social media platform for all pet lovers.