You don't have to spend the bulk of your time on social media to know that it's our pets who routinely get the most time in the spotlight.   Whether it's adorable kittens learning the ropes, parrots learning to talk, or dogs finding clever ways to entertain and intrigue their owners, there's no shortage of ways to showcase your best friend's most enjoyable antics.  Follow My Pets is the premier social media site exclusively for pets and their humanoids.  We look forward to having you as a part of our ever expanding community.  Register today and let the fun begin.

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Follow My Pets a family-oriented showcase of funny, poignant, inspiring, ridiculous, frustrating, chaotic and even heart-wrenching moments pets create in our lives. Share your photos, videos and posts, it's a great way to give your pets the attention they deserve!

Connect With Other Animal Lovers

Follow My Pets is a comfortable place where pet-lovers connect with one another to share their insights on a wide variety of pet-related topics.  Here we share our universal love for these remarkable creatures/family members that bring so much joy to our lives.  Large and small, we love them all!

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If you're not already a member of Follow My Pets, you don't what you're missing! Register now and have a blast showing off your pet while connecting with others.  It's completely free to sign up and you can get started right away.  Follow My Pets looks forward to seeing you soon!